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Cell Bath Salon

This is a salon based on the concept of Bama.

Dozens of "medicine stones" are used to relieve the tired body and mind of modern people through the cell bath.

Tree Stone bathtub

Natural tree grain stone is produced in Inner Mongolia, China, 240 million years ago. It is a medicinal stone with many incredible effects.

Dozens of "medicine stones" are pasted on the inner wall of the ancient urn "born in China, the birthplace of ceramics", which continuously emits far-infrared rays, low-dose radiation, negative ions, etc. in 360 degrees, which can heal the tired body and sick mind of modern people. Then, after entering this "small universe", the 60 trillion cells in the body are bathed to adjust the body's ion balance, potential balance, autonomic nerve balance, and improve physical fitness.​



The Cell Bath Salon considers solving the guests' questions and requests and provides the guests with time to heal their hearts.

We always put our guests first and strive to provide a comfortable healing time

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