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guest room

We provide guests with a room that combines fashion and traditional Japanese decoration.

Let you live indoors and feel the comfort of nature as in the forest.



Create a warm, comfortable and relaxing environment for customers.

You can read books, drink coffee, chat and enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable time here.

There is a hotel reception here for your check-in and check-out.


Restaurant & Bar

​Here you can experience the chef's cooking with the finest local ingredients selected for you.


lue, navy blue, light onion... There are forty-eight shades of blue in Japan, and foreigners who came to Japan in the Meiji era called it Japanese blue.

Blue is a special color for Japanese people.


​Cell Bath Salon

This is a salon based on the concept of Bama. Our concept is to make guests healthier, beautiful and longevity.


Convention hall

​A large banquet hall that can accommodate more than 300 people at the same time.

We can forget daily life on the Second house

Gently wrapped up for a graceful time


Raki House Resort Hotel

Grand open in 2023




​From check-in to check-out,

Raki House Resort Hotel will provide you with the best service

To a space where you can feel the four seasons by bathing in nature​

Recommend you to The Best   Second house 


​Nasu Plateau

Nasu Highland (Nasu Town), about 180 kilometers from Tokyo, is a town for tourism and agriculture and forestry located between Tokyo and Sendai. In the northwest stands the majestic main peak of Mt. Nasu, Chausu (11915m), and at the foot of the mountain there are historical sites and theme parks such as Nasu Onsen Town, where hot springs were excavated in Shuming 2 (630 AD), and a theme park. The royal residence where the royal family rested, hence the name "Royal Resort Nasu". In addition, at the foot of the mountain is a vast area of ​​cheese animal husbandry, and in the southeast is the rural scenery of Satoyama surrounded by the Bagou mountains, spreading with various representative historical sites such as Matsuo Basho and the legend of Yoshitsune.


There are many historical sites and cultural properties in the Ashino and Ioye areas, which have a long history from the Jomon and Yayoi periods to the present day, and are very precious regional resources. These precious historical and cultural landscapes have been passed on to the next generation.


​Traditional ceremonies and sacrifices that symbolize the history and culture of Honmachi are one of the elements of the rural landscape, and are passed on to the next generation by cultivating successors and experiences. In the landscape, there are fireworks in summer, taiko drums and flutes in autumn festivals, etc.


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